Volume 10 · 2015
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Volume 1
Just and Unjust Wars

Volume 2
Nations and Nationalisms in Spain

Volume 3
Islamic Political Thought

Volume 4

Volume 5
Theories and Models of Democracy
Latin America: Democracy for building

Volume 6
The Alliance of Civilizations
Basic income

Volume 7
Models and political movements in the Islamic world

Volume 8
Feminisms and feminisms-other peripherals

Volume 9
Legal and political philosophy and political praxis of US President Barack Obama

Volume 10
Digital revolution, lack of democracy and rights

Volume 11
Digital revolution, Techno-policy and digital Democracy


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41013 Sevilla

Monograph 1:

Legal and political philosophy and political praxis of US President Barack Obama


Alejandro Barranquero Carretero y David Montero:. Mapping third sector media in Spain. Description of a collaborative research process.
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Alberto González Pascual:. The development of internet. Democracy and labor in 21th century.
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Fernando Martínez Cabezudo:. Technological sovereignty and open government. Deeping on democratic needs of the participation from technopolitics.
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Francisco Javier Moreno Gálvez. Citizenship and technological appropriation. Tools for the analysis of communication practices of individuals on new technologies.
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Mario Viché González. Empowering the internet citizens.
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Monograph 2:

Feminisms peripherals, feminisms-other. II. Agencies and feminist resistance


Ángel Barbas Coslado. Educational communication in the 15-m movement. Notes on a pedagogical-political ethnography in process.
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Lucía Benítez-Eyzaguire. Videoactivism in morocco. The february 20 movement.
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Ana Lucía Nunes de Sousa. "This will be on youtube": video, social networks and protests in Brazil.
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Guiomar Rovira Sancho.. From activist networks to connected crowds. Social mobilization, global protest and communication technologies.
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In Memoriam

José Cepedello Boiso. Fatema Mernissi: an essential landmark in the history of islamic feminism.
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Interview: Robert W. McChesney

McChesney: referente mundial en la filosofía y economía política de la comunicación.

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Several studies

Jorge Francisco Aguirre Sala: The limits of the politic representation and liquid democracy alternatives.
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Facundo García Valverde: Luck egalitarianism and universal allocation per child.
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Jad El Khannoussi: The Great Middle East and the Arab Spring: opportunity or challenge?.
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Daniel Mansuy: Liberalism and political regimes: the contribution of Montesquieu.
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José Manuel Panea Márquez: J.L. López Aranguren (1909-1996) and the problem of our time.
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Rubén Pérez Trujillano: Social contract and gender in republican constitutionalism: a special reference to the andalusian case (1873-1883).
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Enrique Roldán Cañizares: Evolution of the spanish nationalist discourse from the II republic to the transition.
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Jesús Torres Núñez: The last link in the respect for identity and sexual orientation: analysis of the stc 198/12 on same sex marriage.
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José María Seco Martínez: Previous notes to a counter-hegemonic principle of equality review.
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Edileny Tomé da Mata: Limits in the fight against racial discrimination in Spain: migrant’s laboral aspects.
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Ponencias del Congreso Mundial de Filosofía Jurídica y Filosofía Social de Washington (2015)

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Gianluigi Fioriglio: Freedom, Authority and knowledge on line: the dictatorship of the algorithm.
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Fabrício B. Pasquot Polido y Lucas Costa dos Anjos: Inadequacies of legal discourse in social and online activism: exploring reason and emotion on internet governance.
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Bibliographic notes

Carlos Alarcón Cabrera, Creer en Hitler. El triunfo de la sumisión sobre la libertad (Aconcagua Libros, Sevilla, 2016).
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Matthew Fforde, Desocialización. La crisis de la posmodernidad, traducción de Lázaro Sanz (Encuentro, Madrid, 2013).
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Alberto González Pascual y Rafael Rodríguez Prieto, Caos digital y medios comunes: transformaciones de la sociedad de la comunicación social en el siglo XXI (Dykinson, Madrid, 2014).
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Ramón Soriano, Democracia vergonzante. Males y remedios para una democracia obsoleta (Sepha, Málaga, 2014, 1ª edición en Comares, Granada, 2002).
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Nicholas Wade, La herencia incómoda. Genes, razas e historia humana, traducción de Joandomènec Ros (Ariel, Barcelona, 2015).
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Biographical sketches of the authors
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LIPPO publications
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Welcome to the website for the International Journal of Political Thought (IJPL), one of the leading journals on political philosophy, political thought and international relations published in the Spanish language.

In terms of its orientation, the IJPL is distinguished by:

  • its interdisciplinary character;

  • its emphasis upon critical and theoretical approaches;

  • its commitment to publishing contributions from a diverse range of contributors of both emerging and highly reputed scholars in their field of specialisation; and

  • its continuing interest in serving as a two-way bridge between the Spanish and South-American scholarly communities and the rest of the global invisible college. 

IJPT’s welcomes contributions written in languages other than Spanish (i.e. English and French). You can send your contributions to our editorial contact: Ignacio de la Rasilla (ignacio.delarasillaydelmoralgraduateinstitute.ch).

Visitors may access summaries and download selected essays from past and current issues here on the journal’s website.

IJPT’s scientific committee is composed by world leading scholars, such as Benjamin Barber, Noam Chomsky, Luiji Ferrajoli, David W. Kennedy, Edgar Morin, Quentin Skinner, Anthony Padgen, James Tully, Antonio E. Perez-Luño and Martti Koskenniemi.

The Journal’s editorial board is composed of members from the Philosophy of Law and Political Thought departments at Seville University Pablo de Olavide, Seville University and Huelva University.

The International Journal of Political Thought was established in 1995.

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