Volume 7 · 2012

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Volume 1
Just and Unjust Wars

Volume 2
Nations and Nationalisms in Spain

Volume 3
Islamic Political Thought

Volume 4

Volume 5
Theories and Models of Democracy
Latin America: Democracy for building

Volume 6
The Alliance of Civilizations
Basic income

Volume 7
Models and political movements in the Islamic world

Volume 8
Feminisms and feminisms-other peripherals

Volume 9
Legal and political philosophy and political praxis of US President Barack Obama

Volume 10
Digital revolution, lack of democracy and rights

Volume 11
Digital revolution, Techno-policy and digital Democracy


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Models and political movements in the Islamic world


Ignacio Forcada Barona. Spain, the European Union and the revolutions in the arab world: between appearance and reality.
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Jad el Khannoussi. Internal and external factors of the Syrian Revolution.
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Slim Laghmani. Legal schools of sunni islam.
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Rocío Medina Martín. The saharawi people´s struggle and the "realacademic".
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Digital Censorship, protection of rights and democracy


José Candón Mena. Technological sovereignty in the age of social networks.
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Javier de la Cueva. Internet as public opinion domain: wrapping fundamental rights with ordinary rights.
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Isabel Victoria Lucena Cid. The protection of privacy in the technological age: towards a reconceptualization.
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Fernando Martínez Cabezudo. Copyright’s regime and approach to the democratic model from a critical perspective.
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Rafael Rodríguez Prieto. Against internet sublime. an approach to commodification and sharing in the Internet.
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In Memoriam

Francisco Javier Ansuátegui Roig. Remembering Gregorio Peces-Barba.
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Álvaro Alonso Trigueros. Francisco Fernández Buey: Master of Philosophy of Praxis.
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Several studies

Carlos Aguilar Blanc. French state of terror: a legal perspective.
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Pierre Brunet. On the concept of political representation.
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Manuel Carbajosa Aguilera. The decree of Andújar: a humanitarian gesture or a political error?
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Mayari Castillo Gallardo. Building categories to think the political agency in unequal societies. A reflection on Arendt and Butler.
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Patricia García Espín. The 15m movement: back to the neighborhood as the space for politics.
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Michelina Masia. Alternative systems of conflict resolution in the sardinian customary law.
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José Palomares. For the annotation of Ideal Andaluz.
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Óscar de la Parte Chana. The novelty of the common sense: the critical gaze of Orwell.
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Edgardo Pablo Rozas. a party of ideas. The discursive productions of the Socialist Party in Argentina during the ‘30s crisis.
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José María Seco Martínez. Law and Democracy in personalist "Iusmaterialism"
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María Luisa Soriano González. The zapatista revolution in Chiapas. War, Peace and Conflict (from the perspective of the protagonists).
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Juan Carlos Suárez Villegas. The ethics of equality applied to gender politics.
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Jesús Casado López. The property business from the economic system of hunter-gatherers the most industrialized countries.
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Miquel Casals Roma. The end of the democracy. The west facing the crisis of the representative system.
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Tom Woodhatch. The future of international development cooperation.
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Spanish Political Thought

Manuel Jesús López Baroni. The liberal falangism and the spanish transition (I).
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Ramón Soriano. The experience of a citizen within public institutions: disagreements and disappointment.
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